Qdoba is a fast-food Mexican Grill restaurant similar to Chipotle or Moe’s.  Personally I had never heard of it until stumbling across their brilliant email campaign.  They have what you would expect for food; Burritos, tacos, quesidillas, gumbo and guacamole.  And they also have something you wouldn’t expect, hilarious and weather based email campaign.

Yup, Weather based.


Marketing Blogger Chris Moody reported that for the past three rainy days in his hometown he received an Email from Qdoba that is based upon the weather and has a special offer.  In this case the copy of the email was referencing the, clear to everyone, lousy day outside and that nothing can beat a warm meal (burrito).  You can even bring a friend and get a meal free!

The coupon within the email is good for only that day but this is just brilliant!  Most everyone is lazy on rainy days and they don’t go out and sit on their computer all day (where you just happen to receive your email), here is a message for an offer of something everyone wants on a rainy day.  Qdoba has connected the dots on every point and it makes such a brilliant cohesive campaign.

The audience they are hitting are current customers who need a pickmeup on a rainy day.  But with their special offer they are trying to bring in new customers.  I doubt there is a specific demographic that they would be trying to hit with these emails.  More along the lines of increasing awareness of Qdoba and attempting to get new customers by giving them a free meal… which is not a bad way to get new customers if your food is as good as you say it is.

Qdoba continued these emails with even more weather related situations!


“I open this email. Every. Single. Time. I. Receive. It.
Even if I don’t want a burrito. It is genius.” -Chris Moody


In terms of Email marketing campaigns Qdoba hits all the benefits with this one.  It will reach its entire customer base affected by the weather conditions, has a low cost associated with the digital distribution (all that needs to be done is to select the type of weather and location and someone clicks send).  Personalized towards those affected by the weather and common perceptions towards it.  It will either have a fast response or not and is extremely measurable because customers must present a coupon, or even tracking the increase (or decrease) in sales on the rainy days in which the email was sent out.

The content of the emails are basic and simple: It’s rainy, you’re hungry, we know you don’t want to get off the couch but there is a warm burrito here and a free one for a friend, just think about it.  With additional content such as locations and a burrito quiz! (Oh boy!)

Though if there were a Qdoba in Ithaca we would be getting sick and tired of their emails and they would likely be considered spam if sent out on every rainy / snowy day I would at least get a chuckle out of the content and even remember the name (Brand awareness increase!)

I looked for other examples of Qdoba emails and the only one I could find was one that used a clever subject line to get the attention of the recipient


Quite humorous again, but this one lacks a whole lot compared to the weather based emails.  It is only text, looks like spam, extremely bland and lacking any sort of media.  Likely to get deleted after someone reads the first sentence before they even get to the actual offer.  But a great attention grabber!

Qdoba is getting better at their email marketing and if they keep it up I’m sure they will drive more customers to their restaurants.



Sony Over Microsoft!

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Within the gaming industry is the new emergence of Indie games taking over the spotlight.  So why would everyone be flocking to Sony over Microsoft? Well… customer service! Just because they are small companies doesn’t mean they can be thrown around! Welcome to Capitalism, Microsoft! If you screw someone over they are just going to go to your competitor! 

Watch it and nod

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This is a truth that many people don’t even know about

I randomly happened across this article and after reading just a few sentences I agree with everything in it.  Comparing new tech devices to older physical objects like cars and TVs that we OWN them when we buy them, which somehow changed with smartphones and newer devices.

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Searching is just a conversation away

And this is why I think Google Glass is one of the coolest things.  We can potentially have a conversation with a computer and it will tell us exactly what we want to know, how we want to know it.  Not saying it can replace a person for conversation, but instead of knowing how and what to type into a search bar, the computer would decipher for us.

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BMW gets creative with Tablets

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This video in 1:44 seconds shows how powerful technology can be for advertisers, especially small, inexpensive tablets (granted… with the help of a large projector).  Participants used a Galaxy Pad tablet to log into their Facebook account and then used an application to connect to the BMW game being projected.


This tactic was designed for a huge marketing campaign for the BMW 1 series in South Africa.  Five of these projectors were set up in five of the highest traffic locations to draw in the largest crowd possible.

  • Sandton, Johannesburg
  • Greenside, Johannesburg
  • Florida Road, Durban
  • Long Street, Capetown
  • Melville’s centre, Plettenburg Bay
    (They also used a radio campaign to get the word out about these locations)

The main point of the campaign was to use social media and buzz to get the word out about the new BMW.  People would go to these locations, log in to an application on their tablets or phones using Facebook and be instantly connected to the racing game on the projector.  High scores would be posted on the BMW Facebook page and individual scores could be shared on people’s own Facebook.

What really made this interesting (Besides the fact you got to race cars around on a giant screen in the middle of a city being watched by hundreds of people) was that BMW was giving away prizes in the form of the product it was advertising, the BMW 1 series… for playing an awesomely fun game.

The target for this campaign was of course those within a bit higher income bracket, because it is a BMW after all, but what the “target” of this tactic was, was to get the word out.  The statistics they have for that campaign was that it was shared with 105,300 people.  This was apparently calculated by the fact there were 810 shares of this on facebook with the average user having 130 friends, it was seen by 105,300 people.  With an additional 45,060 shares of scores and the like on peoples own Facebook.  Its just math!


As for the success of this campaign its actually hard to say.  I could not find any articles saying if this mobile stunt helped sell more Series 1 cars but it did send quite a ripple through the digital mobile world.  People love interactive campaigns and this was clearly a well executed tactic that caught the attention of those who participated any advertisers everywhere.  So from my own opinion I would say this was a very successful campaign for BMW.  It places them as an up-to-date, slick company that is connected with its users and the world.  People are quite annoyed with normal advertising these days and it is now up to advertisers to entertain the public while showing them their brand.  You must be memorable and unique… and if I got to drive on a huge projector screen in the middle of a city with the potential to win a BMW… well I would remember that.



And I think that is exactly what they intended with this application.  Simply to draw attention to its new BMW cars.  They wouldn’t expect anyone late at night to play this game then go straight to a dealership to buy a car.  But to get people talking about this event “that BMW put on”.  If it gets to the right ears of someone who is interested in a new car and likes BMW, then that is exactly what they were looking for, buzz.

“Hey buddy how was your night!?”
“Totally rad bro! I got to drive this cool game on a giant projector downtown!”
“Woah what!?”
“Yea BMW had this game on a tablet…” etc. etc.

You would totally want to tell someone about this if you experienced it firsthand.  It was the perfect tactic for creating social buzz.  It was fun, and you definitely knew it was BMW.  So if BMW was out to create buzz and a talking point, they certainly hit and exceeded the mark on this one.  Many brands could learn from this campaign.  Its not about telling potential customers who you are and what you are, it is about engaging them fully.  Embracing mobile technology like BMW did is key for any large brand to survive these days.


ISP now monitoring Peer-to-Peer

Finally ISP’s are now monitoring their networks for peer to peer sharing of illegal content.  Though its hard to say exactly how their monitoring software works it could detect false-positives in that people could be using peer to peer for legal reasons.  The comments on that article are quite against this monitoring but not a single one mentions that copyright holders have a right to their creations.  Strange how that works.

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