More Google Glass…

I’ve been obsessing over Google Glass the past couple of days since they new release of information.  It all looks amazing, the best argument against it for sure is that they look silly and who would ever wear them… I WOULD!  This article has an indepth interview with the lead designers on Glass, it goes over lots of the concerns and if you can get over that (And the price tag) you’ll be just like me! A huge nerd wearing a computer!


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Google Stores (Physical stores that is)

Rumor has it that Google may be opening retail stores soon! This would be awesome! And why not? Apple has them, Microsoft now has them, why not google get in on the action to show off their phones / chromebooks and in the future GOOGLE GOGGLES!

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How to remain the #1 Search Engine?

WITH MONEY OF COURSE! $1 Billion to be exact, payed directly to one of its fiercest competitors.

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File-Sharing Verdict….. Confusing

Just reading through this article and what we discussed in Class today about the standing laws on filesharing.  A person can be targeted and fined an exuberant amount of money for “Sharing” copyrighted material (Interestingly not “downloading” is the word used).  Though as is more common today ISPs take punitive action against people infringing at the request of the RIAA.  A WHOLE new legal world is out there and in its infancy with the Internet.

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How much power does Facebook really have?

A bug within the Facebook third party login system took down many widely used sites.  How much power does Facebook really have through the entire net? Interesting food for thought.

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Apple REAAAAALLLLLLYYY doesn’t want you to jailbreak

They really don’t want you to have root access to your iPhone.  Is it because of the reasons cited here? A catastrophe to mobile services?
Or maybe just to keep you solely on their stores and buying from only them?

Can you tell I’ve become disenchanted with Apple?

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